Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the lease restrictions?

Contact Wise Management for current restrictions.

  • What are the pet restrictions?

No more than a total of 4 dogs, cats or other small household pets are permitted.

No pets may be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes.

No livestock, poultry or pets of any other kind of animal can be raised, bred or kept on any lot.

  • May we park a commercial vehicle or recreational vehicle in our driveway?

None shall be parked overnight on any street, nor on any lot unless they are within enclosed garages or otherwise completely screened from view.

Any that cannot be completely concealed may be brought into the community for a maximum of 48 hours, solely for the purposes of actively loading/unloading or cleaning.

These restrictions also apply to motor homes, trucks, school buses boats, boat trailers. View the Declarations file in the HOA Information tab for further detail.

  • What are the yearly HOA dues and what does that cover?

Contact Wise Management for current HOA assessment cost.

Assessment is due in January of each year.

Assessment primarily includes costs for: Administrative costs (including insurances); annuals and holiday decorations for entranceways; Bloomingdale Cove’s share expenses for shared park with Somerset (58%); required upkeep of drain systems for our pond and the 2 dry ponds within the community; website

  • Does the HOA issue fines and what are they?

Yes. Fines are issued when violations are not resolved within the allotted time defined in the violation notice.