The Bloomingdale Cove Homeowners Association (AKA Bloomingdale DD) is an active HOA. Our Covenants and Design Standards/Rules & Regulations are enforced by Wise Property Management on behalf of the Association. 

Whether paint or landscaping changes, it is important to understand that homeowners are required to get any alterations/modifications to the exterior of the dwelling and/or lot APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY THE ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE. No modifications are too be made until the approval has been received in writing.

IMPORTANT: When submitting a request for modification homeowners should consult both the HOA Declarations document, its amendments AND the current BC Design Standards/Rules & Regulations. The Design Standards/Rules & Regulations are an extension of the Declarations further defining/clarifying certain requirements as allowed by the Governing Documents of the HOA. It is does not include all deed restrictions identified in the Declarations Document and its amendments.

If you have and questions concerning the governing documents, forms, etc. you can contact Wise Management for additional clarification.