Bloomingdale Cove HOA is composed of statutory and non-statutory committees. Statutory committees are governed by Florida state regulations in addition to the governing documents of the community.


Statutory Committees

Meetings posted on Bloomingdale Cove Message Board at the Groveway entrance. All meet via Zoom.

Board -meets quarterly

Architectural Control Committee – meets on the 1st Monday of the month unless it falls on a holiday. Then it will be held on the 2nd Monday of the month.
Whether paint or landscaping changes, it is important to understand that homeowners are required to get any alterations/modifications to the exterior of the dwelling and/or lot APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY THE ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE. No modifications are too be made until the approval has been received in writing.

Covenant Compliance Committee – meets monthly


Non-Statutory Committees

Park Committee

Mike Willard – Chairperson

Jenna Isenberg

Ray Letkiewicz

Karen Mattern

Rich Steinestal 

Kathy Carrier

Decorating Committee

Jeff Brannon – Chairperson

Rhonda DePolo

Dan Dilling

Karen Mattern

Message Board/Facebook Posts Committee

Jenna Isenberg 

Covenant Compliance Committee (Fining)

Dee Rivera – Chairperson

Jan Hutchins

Rosa Ramirez


Welcome Committee

Dee Rivera – Chairperson

Elvis Rivera

Preservation Committee

Jeff Brannon – Chairperson


Bloomingdale Cove Times/Website Committee
Gina Dellibovi – Newsletter
Claire Letkiewicz – Website