HOURS: Park hours are from dawn to dusk only. Anyone found in the park outside of park hours is
subject to removal of park privileges if a homeowner, or subject to charges of trespassing if not a
ACCESS TO PARK: The park is available to those homeowners (and their guests) in Bloomingdale Cove
and Somerset who have keys to the park. Park keys are available through the management company for
Bloomingdale Cove.
HOMEOWNER LIABILITY: Homeowners are responsible for any damage done by them, their families
or guests to the Private Park.

1. Motor Vehicles –
a. Dirt bikes, motor cycles, mopeds, golf carts and all-terrain vehicles, etc. are prohibited
b. Motor vehicles of ANY type (cars, trucks, etc.) unless used for maintenance purposes, as
approved by the Board of Directors, are prohibited beyond the inner gate of the park.
c. Motor vehicles may park in the space provided in front of the inner gates to the park.
Vehicles parked in violation will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
d. Vehicles in the park outside of park hours will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

2. Conduct in park

a. Persons of all ages using the recreation areas shall conduct themselves in a courteous
manner with due regard to the rights of others.
b. On-site parental/adult supervision is required for children under the age of 14
c. Members are responsible for the conduct of their household members, guests and invitees,
including any damages incurred by them.

3. Members must be present for their guests or invitees to use the park

4. Members and their guests or invitees shall not feed, harass or interfere with the wildlife in the park,

lakes, water retention areas or the adjacent wooded areas

5. Ponds and water retention areas in the Bloomingdale Cove community are part of the drainage

system within the development. The ponds and retention areas are scenic features and are governed
by County and Southwest Florida Water Management District restrictions. The use of the lakes and
retention areas are subject to the following Association Rules and Regulations:
a. Swimming or boating is prohibited in the ponds and water retention areas, except for
maintenance boats used on behalf of the Home Owners Association.
b. Fishing, from the pond banks only is permitted by Members or their guests and invitees.
c. Fishing may only be done with fishing poles, rods and reels. The use of spears, nets, bows &
arrows, crossbows, guns or any other non-fishing rod equipment and/or apparatus is strictly

The number of people using the facilities may be limited to comply with safety regulations or for

other practical reasons.

Eating, and drinking non-alcoholic beverages in the Park is allowed. Glass containers are strictly


Members, guests and invitees are expected to leave the recreation areas in a clean, neat appearance

placing all trash in the appropriate receptacles and take all personal belongings when departing. This
includes any cooking apparatus residue, for e.g. burned charcoal or wood chips used in a portable
grill as it could be a potential fire hazard.

All benches, picnic tables, waste receptacles etc. shall remain in place and shall not be moved. Picnic

tables and waste receptacles are glued down and bolted.

Noise levels shall be kept to a minimum unless it is an approved HOA event.

No fires are allowed in the park.

No fireworks are allowed in the park

No firearms are allowed in the park, except by authorized law enforcement personnel when


Trails in the park are old worn paths going back decades. They have not ever and are not now

maintained. Use the trails at your own risk.